Monday, September 27, 2010

When Imaginations Play

It is good to send your kids outside to play often.  It is even better to go out with them and listen in, or maybe even play along.  You might stumble upon things like the following:

This game went on and on.  Fish were caught and cooked and eaten.  Campsites were visited.  Babies and Mamas were camping neighbors.  Here's an inside peek...

Mr. Thomas and Mr. Jeremy Fisher Go Camping

Hello, Mr. Thomas.  Hello, Mr. Fisher.  Let's use this for our boat.

I'll add it on right here.  Now we can go fishing, Mr. Jeremy.

Ok, Mr. Thomas.  This will be my fishing pole.

Look at the big fish I caught, Mr. Thomas.  We'll cook it for our dinner, Mr. Jeremy!

Nah, I think I'll throw it back, Mr. Thomas.

Goodbye, Mr. Thomas.  Goodbye, Mr. Jeremy.


Cindy said...

This reminds me of when I used to play 'hair salon' with my sisters. We had a barbecue grill that we used to stick our heads in because we used it as a 'shampoo bowl'.

AmyBarkerPhoto said...

I have given you the Versatile Blogger award!