Friday, September 3, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up - Week 3

We've finished 3 weeks of school.  Really?  Just 3?  Feels like it ought to be 6!

Dale covered Exodus and Leviticus in Bible this week.  Monday, after reading an overview of the first 18 chapters of Exodus, I had him imagine what he would experience for each of the 5 senses if he had been there.  My favorite was his answer for sense of touch: darkness you can feel (9th plauge - Exodus 10:21).  

Monday also began our unit on bridges.

Alan learned about Adam and Eve this week and did lots of activities with the letter 'A'.

Tuesday I got out a handful of toothpicks for Alan to practice making A's.  We ended up spelling lots of words out of toothpicks, and seeing Dale get into that along-side us reminded me to get him away from pencil and paper more.  So when spelling test time came around on Thursday, we got out our letter tiles and Dale spelled his words that way.

That wasn't the only one of Alan's activities Dale was interested in.  Our number-hop game intended for a preschooler to have fun identifying his numbers turned into a great way for a 2nd grader to practice his math facts!

In science we started our unit on space.  This week we covered the planets in our solar system.  Each day I had Dale read a few selections from the plethora of space books from the library and our own collection.  He narrated information on 3 planets a day.  On Thursday I typed up his narrations and printed them for him to illustrate and make into a book.

After hearing Dale tell about Venus having acid in its atmosphere, it occurred to me that he had no idea what acid is, so we did a basic introduction with the vinegar / egg experiment:
One egg.  Add vinegar.

See the bubbles?

They do!

This morning our egg was soft!  We're going to let it keep sitting over the weekend to see if it will get down to just the membrane, like it is supposed to.  

As always, Friday meant library day.  We sorted our books into 'keep' and 'take back' and headed off with our list for next week.  As usual, I checked out more than I brought back!

Dale, however, missed library day this week.  He has spent the day helping Gramps mend fences, literally.  Knowing my bundle of energy and future young man spent his day out working with Gramps makes me glad we follow a four-day week, and incredibly thankful for homeschool!


Wendi said...

Sounds like a great week :)

I always take out more books from the library then I least they're free {unless I forget to return them on time}...and it doesn't help that I have three kiddos who LOVE to add books to our library bag :)

Catherine said...

Sounds like a busy, but good, week. I love to see my kids learning together, even if they're learning at different levels (of course, it doesn't happen as much anymore since they're getting older). Have a great week!