Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Blame It On the Rain (Yeah, Yeah)

So here it is, 7pm and I haven't got a blog post up.

Well you see, there was this storm.  With lots of wind.  And rain.  And we lost internet.  And electricity.

So I couldn't blog.  

The end.

Except for I wasn't at home for any of that.  I was one of the numbskulls out driving in it, trying to get home.  All 5 of us.  In 2 vehicles.  

My poor judgement aside, I still can't use the storm as an excuse, now can I?

I spent my limited internet time today productively, though.  

I did some interesting reading about the Duggars.

Which got me nosing around on their website, where I found this handy chart of character traits, defined.

I also spent some time researching for a project I'm working on.  And came up with this little list:

Basic French / English words:

Oui (wee) = yes
Non (nong) = no
S’il vous plait (seel voo play) = please
Merci (mair -see) = thank you
Bonjour (bong-zhoor) = hello
Au revoir (oh rer-vwahr) = goodbye
Excusez-moi (ex-kewzay mwah) = excuse me

Does anybody speak French?  How'd I do?

I also learned there are about 3 different ways to say excuse me, depending on if you have interrupted someone, stepped on their foot, or committed some other offensive behavior.  

And now if you will excusez-moi, my baseball team is on tv.  They've won 5 in a row, and my guys are all gathered around.  I think I'll join them.  And enjoy the rain that is still pouring down.  'Cuz the rain don't care.  Yo.


Betsy said...

Ne vous inquiétez pas petit , demain est un autre jour . Love, Nana

Lisa said...

Ha! That comment is the funniest thing I ever saw!!!

Amy Lynne said...

I really respect the Duggars, thanks for sharing the article! I am usually the one defending them when someone makes a rude comment. I wish more people would learn about the family before they judge them.

Mrs. Random said...

Tres bien, madam! (yeah, I can't figure out how to make the letters have accent marks. I am that computer illiterate.) The Duggars look really interesting. I hadn't even heard of them before (see, I'm also that out of touch with the pop culture). I think I shall now have to spend my saturday seeing if TLC has back episodes on its website that I can watch!

Tracey said...

I've seen the duggars show a few times. They seem like a great family.

I am blogging again! My new homeschooling blog is http://our-homeschool-journal.blogspot.com/