Friday, September 24, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up - Week 6

 Monday - 6-month checkup at the transplant clinic.  All day affair, so no school.  I liked the new artwork on the walls, so I took a picture of it to remember to tell my mom about it.  Worked out nicely for blogging purposes.  (Hey mom, check out the artwork they've got going on: it's got fabric and paper and other stuff.)

Tuesday - Fishing for names, as suggested by Hubbard's Cupboard.

 One website in the whole internet incorrectly said Tuesday was National Mini Golf Day.  And guess which site I used to mark my September calendar?  Mmmmhmm.  But we played made-up backyard mini-golf anyway.  Even though Mini Golf day is in MAY. 

 You can make up your own rules when you play backyard mini-golf.  Especially in September.

After we finished all that goofing around we made 3 different types of Native American homes.  And ended up eating one of them.

Thursday - Five senses.  Played blind-folded Guess That Sound.

First day o' fall - painted fingerprint fall leaf trees.

Friday - County Fair.  Tyler meets a cow...

Alan visits the goats...

and Dale admires the rabbits.  Personally, I like the baby bottle sticking out of Dale's pocket.  With no stroller and no bag there wasn't much else to do with it.  It's all for one, and one for all around here, friends.  Just the way I like it.


Sharla said...

looks like you had a good week. I like the fall themed fingerpainting.

LJS said...

The artwork at the clinic is very inspiring.....makes me feel like letting my girls go crazy with collage!

Wendi said...

Who says you can only do mini golf in the backyard on Natl Mini Golf day ?:)

We visited our county fair this week too!

Looks like you had a great week :)

Joelle said...

Thanks for the encouragement. It looks like you had a great week as well. Fairs are always fun!

Tracey said...

looks like a fun week!