Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Today I made muffins for breakfast.  Not only did I over-bake them, I also left out the salt.  Every bite of those tasteless muffins left me pondering "ye are the salt of the earth."  

Today I put two more quarts of purple hull peas into the freezer.  We ate the rest with our veggie lunch.

Today I picked two more zucchini (though not as big as that last one) and an armload of yellow squash from our garden.

Today I watched my big boys playing with toy cars in the kitchen, and taking care to include their baby brother in the fun.

Today my sister took my boys for their (almost) daily trip to the library and then on to the Dairy Queen for their free ice cream cone for finishing the reading program.  I tagged along.

Today I actually took a quick little nap.  Napping is rare for me, even though I do love sleeping, so I've decided to give it a little try for the summer.  Those late-night baseball games (Texas Rangers) and early mornings don't mix too well.  And Alan is an irresistible cuddler. 

Today I stuck my knuckle in Tyler's mouth and discovered ... he has a tooth!

Today I drank iced coffee and played checkers with Dale on the porch.  I won the first game.  The second game grew to be too long for his attention span and my patience, so we called it a tie.

Today I scooped up my baby and kissed his little head after he took a tumble and bonked it.  I expect to be doing a lot of scooping and kissing in the months ahead.

Today I learned that 'cuddler' and 'bonked' aren't recognized by spell-checker.  I guess I speak my own brand of English.  

What did you do today?


Twisted Cinderella said...

Sounds like a good day.

Kristin said...

Haha, we speak the same brand of English. I guess cause we are from the same clan.

Michelle said...

Had a birthday party/sleepover for 9 little girls, stayed up too late watching said Rangers game (we lost, boo), didn't sleep well because of pain and allergies, got up and took said little girls (minus 3) so the free splash pad in Belton. Now they are eating, and then we are all 6 napping! Whew, been busy, but fun!

Amy said...

I stayed up too late watching that very same game. And we have two more nights to go! Helloooo... naptime! (And hopefully hello win-column!)

Anonymous said...