Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sunshine... on my laundry... makes me VERY happy!

How in the world it has taken until my 3rd baby for me to learn this I'll never know.  I wish I could tell you how incredibly thrilled I was the day I discovered this.  Seriously... made my day.

You know those terribly awful stubborn breastfed baby poop stains?

I know how to get them out!  
(If you already knew this please be nice and just play along, okay?  Okay. Thanks.)

After a run through the washing machine, don't dry, but put the item out in the sun.

I laid out three hearty yellow stains recently, to come back only TWO HOURS later and find them GONE.  


Laundry duty will never be the same!

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Anonymous said...

We learn something new Everyday...I had no idea! Curse being "Domestically Challenged"...(me, not you :)

Lisa said...

This technique also works like a charm on Mimis' skirts....just sayin'..

Aiming4Simple said...

I think this would be great for my son's training pants too. I like to line dry anyway, but sometimes I get lazy. Thanks for the incentive!

Taylor at said...

Sunshine really is a great way to remove some stains. Thanks for the tip!