Thursday, December 17, 2009

'Tis the season

1. I am 8 months pregnant.  And feeling it.  4:30am is my new wake-up time for this week.  Not on purpose, mind you.  I think my body has simply had enough horizontalness by that point.  But not enough sleep.  I'm a little out of it most days.  Of course, I might as well just get used to that lack of sleep, hm?  

Even with the aches and pains and lack of sleep, I'm still not in a hurry for him to be here.  I like him where he is.  I like feeling him kick and roll and get the hiccups.  I don't mind carrying around my baby bump everywhere I go.  For now, anyway.  ;)

2. Christmas is here.  Pretty much, anyway.  I didn't put up my favorite-est decoration: my own theme tree that goes beside my bed.  I planned on it, but time got away, and it started to seem like too much effort.  (see #1)

The boys and I are working on a few fun craft projects that I would love to post about, but that would spoil some surprises.  So those posts will have to wait.  Until when, I am not sure.  

Even with those projects, we haven't done nearly all the fun stuff I would like to do.  But I try to cut myself some slack.  (See #1)

And most upsetting?  I can't find my favorite Christmas cd!

3.  Let's talk about food.  We like keeping around extra little snacky things this time of year.  I even have a set of plastic "tins" just for that purpose.  Do you do this?  What is in your tins?

I have a taco-flavored party mix in one.

I made saltine toffee for another.

That's all I have so far this year.  I will hopefully be adding a couple of different cookies soon, and maybe something peanut-buttery.  But time will tell.  After all.... (see #1)!


Lisa said...

Those look a lot like some of my tins. We will start filling them this weekend! You can have all you want to eat from them. (See #1)

Kristin said...

Haha, oh yes, we will fill them all soon!