Monday, December 28, 2009

Putting your best... cookie... forward. Or not.

So.  Have I mentioned we're having a baby in a couple of weeks?  


Leaves me a little on the tired side. 

I SO took it easy for Christmas, and my family really took up a lot of the slack, especially as far as all the cooking was concerned.

My sister and I have baked Christmas cookies together a lot over the last few years.

This year was no exception, but she did a lot of the work, and I did a lot of dancing around the kitchen 'supervising'.  

Alternating with sitting on my backside w/a cookie and cup of decaf. 

In a Christmas mug, of course.

The boys were thrilled to be making cookies with Kristin.

We all took a turn decorating.  Seems everyone wants to be an 'arteest' when it comes to cookie-making.

When it was all said and done, we each had a couple of cookies we were particularly proud of.

These we separated out to commemorate with a picture.  We dubbed it "The Plate of Honor."

Dale admired the plated cookies, then asked about the rest. 

"Are they the FAILURES??"  We assured him NO... ALL the cookies were GREAT.

So... when the time came on Christmas Eve to leave Santa a snack, what do you think Dale chose?

A "plate of honor" cookie for the big guy?  


One of these .... lesser cookies?


He chose this guy.  A bug-eyed snowman wearing a ... black... vest?

I guess it was acceptable... there was nothing but crumbs left on Christmas morning!

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Greg said...

Looks like scowling eyes and a sinister mustache. He must have been up to something, good thing Santa ate him.