Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Christmas Gift

Three years ago, two babies were born to two mothers.  Both had soft baby feet, squeaky newborn cries, and that sweet baby smell.

Soon, one baby began to be poisoned by the failings of his own body.  Both babies grew.  They smiled, they crawled, they waved bye-bye.  But the sick baby's future began to dim.  Without a drastic gift, he would have no hope.  He would not survive.

Time passed.  

The unthinkable happened.  

The healthy baby's life suddenly ended.  But in that sadness was a beautiful light.  His perfect body was given as a gift to the sick baby.  And the sick baby wasn't sick any more.  He had life, and hope, and a future.

In another place, in another time, a Father looked at his children.  He saw their lives being poisoned by their own failings.  Without a drastic gift, His children were without hope.  They would die.

Two thousand years ago, another baby was born.  He, too, had soft baby feet and that sweet baby smell.  His mother watched him learn to smile, and crawl, and wave bye-bye.

This baby grew up.  He helped many people.  He was a good man.  But more than just good, He was perfect.  

And then, the unthinkable happened.  

That man chose to give His perfect life for not one sick person, but generations of people.  And in that sadness was a beautiful light, because that man was not just a man.  He was the Son of God, and his death was not the end.  It was the conquering of death, and the conquering of sin, the poison in the hearts of all His children.  His death was the beginning of life, and hope, and the future of all mankind.

When our baby was offered the gift of life, we joyfully, humbly and thankfully accepted it.  For him to have life, it was our only choice.

We have all been offered the gift of Life.  It is our only choice.  Have you accepted the ultimate gift?


Michelle said...

I am in tears at the beauty of your words. What a wonderful parallel. Thanks for sharing!

Betsy said...

Very touching - I am honored to have such a wise granddaughter as you.
Love, Nana

Arkansas Grandma said...

Humbly we say "Thank you" to the one who has given our little boy a new life AND to the one who looked over our family to graciously let it happen. Beautiful words, thanks for reminding us.

Cindy said...

Ah! Beautiful! You are wise beyond your young years.

Sharon said...

So precious, Amy! Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts!

Greg said...

I'm glad that you shared this here. I think that we've both seen this parallel all along....and I love how you put this part of Alan's experience into words.