Tuesday, December 2, 2008

You've got to be kidding me

I came across this news article the other day. It's about a group of parents and child psychiatrists (there's a clue right there) that are trying to persuade toy companies to stop advertising to children.

Because in these hard times their advertising is making kids want toys that parents can't afford and they don't want to (or won't) tell their kids 'no'.

Excuse me?

Are the toy companies going to feel sorry for parents and change their entire advertising scheme? Umm... no.

One toy industry consultant was quoted in the article saying that toy companies advertise to kids because it works.

Of course it does!

I have an idea: Turn off the tv. Or just tell your kids 'no'. *gasp!*

Yes, it's hard sometimes. But they'll be better for it.


Michelle said...

It's hard, but so worth it!

Jennifer said...

Can you imagine it....a parent actually telling their child "NO"!?! goodness (There have been several times in Target I would have been happy to tell their child NO..but I guess that's not allowed!)