Saturday, December 6, 2008

Eating carbs and decorating the yard.

Dale: Why did you take a picture of your breakfast?

Mama: Because it was fun.
This is actually of my second breakfast. The first was a banana muffin left over from yesterday.

And then, there was a third. Greg came home with leftover donuts. "The best donuts ever."

So of course, I had to try them.

They were pretty good. I don't know about best ever, but we ate them all.

Today was a date I have had marked on my calendar for quite some time. (unrelated to the donuts)

It was the 21st annual Christmas parade benefiting our Children's hospital. And it was on tv!

This is the first year we have heard of it, and we definitely wanted to watch.

We all loved it!
It is amazing the fondness we feel for that place. It was great to see it getting the publicity it got today!

Then it was time to do a little of our own Christmas-ing. We've been meaning to get to the lights for several days, but weather hasn't cooperated. Weather and Alan's extra trip to get bloodwork, but that's neither here nor there, right?

Anyway... Greg is in charge of lights around here.

He likes these:

The boys and I were underfoot nearby, ready to help.

Dale was pretty excited.

He got almost as excited afterward about going to the bank with his Daddy.

I guess life is just exciting when you are 5.

Alan stayed home with me and had his lunch. I loved his crossed ankles:

How did you spend your first Saturday of December?


Michelle said...

Well, Kevin's 2 oldest got to spend the night for the first time on Friday, so we had 2 extra.

We went shopping this morning for tennis shoes (Rachel and Lauren) and church shoes (Lauren). Great deals were to be found at Payless, and their "BOGO" sale.

When we came home, everyone played out on the driveway (blocked off with the truck) and I put lights on the fence. They look good, if I may say so myself!

Then we had lunch, and all 5 of them (and me!) had loooooong naps. Rachel went to a birthday party, and the rest of the kids went to my best friend's to spend the night.

Chad and I got to go to dinner, and are enjoying a quiet night at home. All in all, it was a most excellent Saturday!

Karen said...

My youngest liked to cross her legs. Very frustrating to a one year old with chubby little legs! ;)

Our Christmas decorationg are nil, so far, but we've listened to lots of Christmas music in the past few week. I'm hoping to get a lot accomplished in the next few days. (fingers crossed!)

Kara said...

What fun! We cleaned all morning, then worked on some Christmas projects. We are slowly getting everything done:)