Thursday, May 8, 2014

It's on the blog - so now it's official!

Well, my observant readers, I certainly did not mean to be secretive or sneaky! Word is out in real life, and most of social media, but I can't believe I forgot the good ol' blog!

Yes, we are happy to announce we are looking forward to welcoming baby #6 in September!

And in true Buffalo fashion, we are expecting another BOY. :)
BLUE silly string gender reveal with the kiddos.
Pregnancy #6 has been very kind to me thus far. I have gained more weight with this one than any other. But that couldn't have anything to do with my husband keeping me well stocked in burgers, cookies, ice cream and donuts. I promise, I eat healthy stuff, too. :P

We are admittedly nervous every once in a while about adding another human to this merry-go-round, but are truly convinced he is God's will for our family.  

Plus, who wouldn't want to welcome a sweet little person who will grow up to do things like this:

and this:

Or regale us with thoughts such as these:
"There are two kinds of chickens: dead ones, and live ones." (Tyler, inspecting the meat in his supper bowl tonight.)

Yes, this house gets messy, and it gets loud, but it is full of fun and creativity, joy and hugs, love and laughter. We are truly blessed!


Linda Jacobs said...

Congratulations! There can never be too many precious little boys in the world! So glad you are feeling well.

Lois said...

So happy for all of you and glad you are feeling well....that is much to be thankful for! I grew up in a family of 5 girls and we each had 1 brother! :-) Similar, but the other way around.

Kristin said...

Sure do love those kiddos!
Two kinds of chickens!