Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tuesday, April 29

I think Tuesday just might be my new favorite day of the week. Monday is getting back into the swing of things and recovering from the weekend. But by Tuesday we've found our groove again and can roll through the day! (Until we interrupt again on Wednesday for storytime at the library.) ;)

This morning we got the house all looking spiffy again, then had a quick little preschool time reading the parable of the lost sheep. The big boys and I finished up 2 Kings. Kind of a sad time, seeing the nation of Judah, the last of the Israelites being carried off into captivity. I thought it was somber, anyway. I hope the boys felt the same.

While they worked on notebooking their Bible story, Tyler and Brooklyn and I made a color, cut, and glue sheep craft. We headed out on our morning walk for only the first or second time since I blogged about it last week. Yeah, that 2 mile thing....not happenin' any time soon, I'm afraid. But it's nice to get out anyway. Tyler and I walked, while Brooklyn and Daniel rode in the stroller and Dale and Alan circled on their bikes, for about 15-20 minutes. Then for a treat we headed over to the community swing set and played for a little while before heading home. It's been a while since we've done that, and they almost always ask!

Lunch was a treat today...last night was our monthly ladies' Bible study at church and it was my turn to help bring food. I came home with leftover beefy enchilada dip (yum!) which made a fine nacho topping for lunch today.

Dale and Alan worked together to finish up our mini-study on earthquakes. They loved coloring the risk-map for the U.S. I learned something new about them through that!
This boy loves the vacuum! He didn't want to let go!

After we finally got everyone to bed tonight I smothered marshmallows and almonds in chocolate ice cream. Boom - my own rocky road. Between eating that, blogging, baby name shopping, and helping Greg work on memory verses for school tomorrow I've managed to fill over an hour. Bedtime approacheth! 


Betsy said...

I love those sweet little faces of Daniel and Tyler, and of course the rest of them too. Nana

LMJ said...

Baby name shopping?! For the fun of it or..... :-))

Kristin said...

Busy, busy!

Linda Jacobs said...

Okaaaaay, you mentioned midwife a few posts ago and, now, baby name shopping......???

So glad you are back to blogging. Love seeing your school curriculum! And, of course, those sweet kids' faces!