Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wednesday, April 23

Usually I am showered and dressed and in the kitchen before any children make their way out of bed (with the exception of Tyler who shows up in our room sometimes after daylight), but this morning I was still in bed - awake, but still in bed- when Greg heard Daniel crying and brought him to me.

He was on his way out the door to work, so Daniel and I enjoyed some cuddles and giggles in my bed before I headed to the shower. In hopes of keeping Daniel out of trouble, I squirted a little line of shaving cream along the end of the tub. It worked pretty well! He didn't really want to touch it at first, but still seemed fascinated by it, so it kept him occupied long enough.

Tired of our usual oatmeal-or-eggs routine I made ..umm...chocolate chocolate chip muffins. Yeah...not the healthiest thing, but they were so good! I decided to up the protein by putting in three eggs instead of the one the recipe called for. I think it did make them more filling!

I mentioned (to Greg) at breakfast that I was tired and didn't want to go to storytime at the library. The boys weren't having any of that and said THEY would get everybody ready for storytime. Yeah...right. But they were a lot of help, and yes, we did go.

As usual, Dale played on the computer while everybody else listened to the story and did a craft. It was an earth day theme. My 12 year old self would have been so! excited!  I was totally gonna help save the earth when I was a kid. My grown up self thinks we need to be responsible but people are taking this 'love the earth' thing a little too far. But anyhoodle.... it wasn't too overdone for the preschoolers today. Since we kept a lot of last week's books, I limited each child to 1 new one today (and we still came away with 7 or 8, go figure), paid our 30 cent fine and went on our merry little way back home.

Lunch was a leftover affair for Greg, me, and Daniel, while the others had a macaroni, tuna, mixed veggies concoction. I don't think they were thrilled, but they ate it.

Naptime came early for a grumpy Miss B. Ditto for Daniel.

We settled in for our daily candy and read-aloud chapter. Our candy supply was greatly increased by all the Easter festivities this weekend. That's a lot of book chapters we're stocked up for!

We are currently reading Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH. I've never read it, and it's getting hard not to read ahead! Read aloud of my favorite times of day!

Tyler tucked himself in for his nap, and Dale and Alan headed off for school, almost completely online these days. After he finished today's math assignment, Alan got into a game for practicing Roman numerals. Dale and I got completely sucked in, too. The practice was good for all of us!

Late afternoon was a flurry of housekeeping and supper prep to get all we could done before Wed night church.  Greg got home and squeezed in a quick run while I finished up supper: beef patties, fried potatoes, and canned spinach. And for the kiddos: leftover macaroni concoction from lunch. Because I'm just mean like that. WITH their other food y'all. They got some of all of it. And I added more cheese for the second go 'round. :)

Church tonight was the first Wed night in weeks the kids and I were back with everyone else instead of practicing for the Easter skit. It was nice to be back lined up in a pew listening together! When we get home on Wednesday nights it is straight into pj's and into bed asap.

After the kiddos were all tucked away I folded mounds of laundry while watching youtube videos and Greg studied for a test tomorrow. Then I ate a banana (since the night time calf cramps have started up the last couple of nights) and quizzed Greg on his study notes.

We tucked ourselves into bed and I read a couple of chapters of Job (I just finished the New Testament in 90 days and am now working through Job-Song of Solomon in 40 days). But then I decided I really, really, really miss blogging and I should stop being so perfectionist about the whole thing, so I got out of bed and wrote this post. And now I'm going back to bed.

And to all a good night!


Karen said...

Get some rest, Mama! (Although it's good to catch up with you via bloc again.)

Lois said...

I'd just been thinking about you the other day, wondering when/if we'd hear from you again. :-) So, thanks for making my day! I have 4 children ages 4-10 so it feels familiar, hearing about a typical day in your home. :^)

Amy said...

Thank y'all both so much! It makes my day to know somebody is actually reading these...even though it's been a really, really long dry spell! :)