Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I love my girl

I hate to admit it, but one of my worst pregnancy symptoms is always IR-RIT-TI-BIL-I-TY. I'm thankful that it has seemed much better so far this time around. But I was grouchy all over the place!
Usually, if I take a nap (pregnant or not), I run a great risk of waking up grumpy from it. So I often skip them. 
But this grumpy Sunday afternoon, I did finally doze off on the couch for a little while. Not long at all after I awoke, there stood Brooklyn, freshly awakened from her own nap. I had been mulling over a little snack for myself when she whispered, "I'm hungry." Then the little sister read my mind, "I want ice cream," she whispered again. We hardly ever have ice cream, so her mind reading was quite impressive.

I grabbed the carton of chocolate ice cream, one spoon, and my baby girl and we headed to the big middle of Mama's bed. And shut the door. And do you know? All those giggle and ice cream bites later the grumpies I'd fought all day were gone for good. 

Such a happy little time with my little princess. :)

In other little princess news, Greg headed off to work as usual just after daylight Monday morning, leaving me in bed for "just a few more minutes" (riiiiight). But not as usual, he returned to the bedroom just moments later, carrying a half-sleeping Brooklyn. He had found her curled up asleep, outside her shut bedroom door. Apparently, sometime in the night she had gotten up (probably for a drink) and the door had latched, shutting her out of the bedroom. Poor sweetie pie had just laid down in the floor and gone back to sleep.  Isn't that the saddest thing you've ever heard?! 

She never did go back to sleep Monday morning, but those early morning smiles and cuddles were worth it. 


Betsy said...

Every one needs at least one girl..:-)

Kristin said...

What a precious, precious little girl. Poor thing on the floor!