Friday, December 6, 2013

December 6

Today was the ice storm that wasn't. We, the weather-loving storm-watchers, sat back and watched as family and friends all northward of here saw ice and snow. Seeing as how our roads stayed safe and our power stayed on, I won't complain. But I think it did make us a little out of sorts to be all geared up for excitement that never happened.

What we had was rain. Cold, COLD rain. And crazy, CRAZY kids. It seemed like they were bouncing off the walls or whining and crying (sometimes a combination of both!) all. day. long.

Even so, it was a good day overall. We read the story of the flood today in "One Wintry Night". How even then God was planning on sending a Rescuer to his people someday.

We read another chapter and a half of Farmer Boy, and Daddy got to join us this time!  

Then Dale and Alan and I played another round of Spelling Baseball. Because Dale won by such a large margin yesterday, I tweaked their lists for today by giving Dale slightly harder words, and Alan slightly easier. But I think I tweaked too much, because Alan won by a landslide today. Dale was a good sport about it though. I think he much prefers a game to some of our previous methods of learning spelling words. :)

I thought about doing another Christmas drawing with the boys this afternoon but my patience was just about used up. So I let them make cookies instead. 

Which makes no sense. Patience is a must for turning kids loose in the kitchen. 

It worked out ok in the end, though. Probably because this was about the time Daddy got off work and I begged talked him into trading off and letting me make the walmart run he was about to do.

So Daddy came home, I grabbed Dale and a handful of fresh-from-the-oven peanut butter cookies, left our supper simmering in the crockpot and hit the road!

We enjoyed some one-on-one time out shopping. Picked up some grocery essentials and some craft supplies for Christmas stuff to make with the kids. Because what good is all that stuff you save on Pinterest if you never DO it, right?

We skipped our Friday night movie, since we watched a movie last night. The boys were ok with some tablet time instead - they hadn't been on it all day! Yay for less screen time!

Now I'm sitting with my man in front of our beautiful Christmas tree, drinking the last cup of last night's hot chocolate. Good night friends! Stay warm!

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