Thursday, December 12, 2013

December 12

Today seemed like a really busy day! Not sure what filled it up, but I don't think I slowed down much. And that's a good thing.

Breakfast this morning was homemade biscuits and fried eggs. I don't like fried eggs. But I like frying them, and everyone else likes eating them, so we still have them. 

Our One Wintry Night reading was about how God prepared the world and chose the exact time for Jesus to be born. The Roman rule of so much of the world, including Israel, made so many elements just right for he birth of the Messiah. We also read about Mary's gentle obedience to God's will for her, her trust in His angel messenger, and her song of praise.

Today's big event was our local Christmas parade! It had to be rescheduled twice because of weather, but I guess the third time was the charm! 
Random parade float. I loved the smoking fireplace/chimney!

The weather tonight was clear and cold, but not too cold. Just cold enough that everyone was ready for a cup of hot chocolate when we got home!

During our Bible reading time (Mary's song again - I love it when things work out like that!) I showed Brooklyn the magic of laying under a Christmas tree. Tyler couldn't resist joining in. :)

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All caught up now and waiting for tomorrow. :)