Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December 3

Today we began our traditional reading of:
I think we will use this during our daily school Bible time. The book tells the story of the coming Savior from creation through the Resurrection. I'm thinking we may even do ornaments or other projects for each Bible story.

The book, a gift for the boys from Mimi the Christmas before Tyler was born, has beautiful pictures and Dale and Alan love reading from it every year.

After our reading we got busy with tree ornaments. Our second tree is in the playroom. In previous years it has been in the boys' bedroom. Since it is in a more accessilbe, common room of the house, we decided to put (almost) all of our special, yearly family ornaments on this one. (When it was in the bedroom we just used generic, and sparingly at that!)

For once I kept my perfectionist hands off, and I love how it turned out, in all its clumpy, gapped, random glory! Each ornament is so special, and the tree is so colorful, just like this family of ours!

It really bothered Tyler that Daniel had NO ornaments on the tree (his baby's first Christmas is a frame and I left it off to get a baby pic of him in it, and we haven't gotten this year's ornament yet). So Tyler got a piece of paper and whipped something out right quick, just for Daniel!

When Daddy got home for lunch everyone couldn't wait to give him the 'tour' of our newly decorated tree!

After lunch we got to work on our living room tree. I am trying a color theme, and it is still a work in progress.

We did manage to get some school done among all the hall-decking.
We are almost done with Farmer Boy, and read two chapters today. Tyler watched Alan practicing his handwriting and he wanted to do it, too! So we did. Dale, bless his heart, worked on long division. :)

Thank you for all of your prayers for Alan and the rest of the family. We feel he is on the road to recovery. We are enjoying a few very mild days before a temperature drop this weekend!

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