Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sprinkler Frisbee

Tyler started it.

During Brooklyn's nap one afternoon (when he probably should have been napping, too), he held up a shiny new red frisbee and asked with those big blue eyes just a-sparkling, "Will you go outside and throw this with me?"

And so, I scooped Daniel into a stroller and off we went.

I was happy to find that Tyler has a pretty good throw for a 3-almost-4 year old!

Soon, Alan joined us.  We made up rules about where to stand and who to throw to. But they were bendy, just-for-fun rules.

Before long, Dale poked his head to ask a question about his school work and his brothers invited him in too.

And then somebody said, "Let's turn the sprinkler on!"

And so we did.  

That, of course, meant changing the rules.  The best rule was

~ If you catch the frisbee, we trade places with the person across from us.~

This rule meant running across the circle.  The circle in the middle of which sat the sprinkler.

Pretty good fun for a weekday afternoon!

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