Wednesday, September 11, 2013


An "odd" day. Ha. Sorry to make light of such a serious day. But you have to admit 9/11/13 is a pretty cool date.

Today was our first storytime at our new library.  It was their first one (back from summer break, I presume), so we got in on the beginning.  Because it was 9/11, they planned a special patriotic theme and balloon release.

I knew ahead of time this would be the theme.  I didn't know exactly how they would address it, so I thought I'd prep the boys ahead of time.  

Dale has heard the basics of what happened that day, but Alan never had.  So as we finished up breakfast yesterday (the 10th) I told them I had a story to tell them.

"One fall morning, right about this time of year, people all over the country were busy going to work and going to school.  It was a pretty fall morning, and almost this very time of the morning...."

I proceeded to tell the story, in my own words, and with only as much detail as they asked for what happened on that day 12 years ago.  Much to my surprise I found myself with tears in my eyes and an occasional break in my voice.  The memory of the emotion came back so easily.  Not only that, but (and I remember feeling the exact same way when I told Dale about 9/11), I felt there is a bit of a loss of innocence for them to know that such evil is alive and well in today's world.  But along with the evil there is goodness and kindness.  There is courage.  And there are heroes.  That is what I remember so much about 9/11.  

Without the evil would the heroism mean as much?

As it turned out, the librarians weren't anybody's fools, and the preschool program was all about the good ol' U.S.of A. - red, white, and blue, the founding fathers, and the Pledge of Allegiance.  Balloons for everyone.  There was no mention of plane crashes or falling buildings or terror.  Or even heroes, for that matter.  

Still, it was a nice program, and we're glad to be out making new library friends.  And now, for one more of my children, September 11 is a part of their world, just like it is for all of us who remember that day, and always will.

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