Sunday, September 29, 2013

Happy Birthday, Miss B!

Miss Brooklyn is 2! We started her day with our traditional candles-in-the-breakfast!

Made a trip to the swings...

Posing with her silly brothers:

Opened some birthday mail from a church friend:

And we ended the day with more candles. 
And cake. Every birthday needs cake!
(I love Daniel's amused look.)

Then came party day! We started with presents. Wouldn't you??

New outfit:

Modeling her princess slippers.

Another outfit:


A couple of her favorites.  Daniel loves the baby doll stroller as much as she does.
She does not love Daniel loving the baby doll stroller.

Marshmallow cupcake sucker:

Cake time!  Brooklyn loves flowers, so we made them this year's party theme.

The whole party gang.

Miss Princess insisted on a spoon, not a fork, to eat her cake.

And politely wiped her mouth when she was done. :)

We followed all that with a birthday photoshoot with Mimi!
You can see more of the shoot here, and be sure and 'Like' the Simple Journeys Photography page while you are there! :)

Happy Birthday, sweet girl!


Puglover said...

What a sweet butterfly! Happy birthday and love you Miss B.

Karen said...

So sweet. Can't believe she's already two! (Side note: we also have doll stroller issues in this house. Not sure what it is about them but they definitely bring out the possessive in my pre-school girl.)