Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tyler Tales

Driving home Saturday from a weekend trip we passed through the city just after dark.  All of the boys were enthralled with the brightness and colors of all the neon lights and traffic.  Much to our amusement, Tyler was inspired to burst into a song that went something like this:
"The lights are bright in the city!

Big rigs drive in the city!
Big rigs don't honk at night!"
Every night after supper we pack leftovers up for Daddy's lunch the next day.  Last night Tyler took things upon himself to pack up Daddy's lunch and he was so proud of himself!  A Brussels sprout in each cup and a sweet potato on top:

He was a little concerned that he couldn't find any chicken, but we assured him there was more in the fridge. 
Before we even knew he had loaded the tray, he had taken it and put in Daddy's car.
A few weeks ago Daddy took advantage of being home alone with the boys (and their art gear) to make Mother's Day cards.  My little creators all made more than one.  Along with all of the hearts, flowers, hand-holding stick people and Angry Birds (everything these days must. include. Angry Birds.  Even Mother's Day cards, apparently), Tyler had his own ideas for a picture.  "I'm drawing a rocket.  And it says 'No grownups allowed.' "  
My favorite recent Tyler Tale came from bedtime prayers last night.  With the whole family lined up on the couch, Tyler cuddled up next to me and began his "thank-yous".  
"Thank you God that Brooklyn is so cute.  And thank you that Mama is so lovely."
For the mama that doesn't always feel so lovely, that sweet little prayer was good for my heart!


Betsy said...

FWIW I agree that Tyler's mama is lovely. :))

Arkansas Grandma said...

I really enjoyed my time with Tyler (and all) last Saturday and I can't wait to get some more Tyler (and all) time real soon.

Kristin said...

Aw, you are so lovely. It is nice to hear, especially from someone at the age where truths fly freely.

Puglover said...