Friday, May 24, 2013

"Shattering" News

Our three oldest boys share a bedroom.  Everyone is familiar with the stereotypical rambunctious boy.  Put three of them together and one can imagine the potential for disasters and chaos.

Therefore it should come as no surprise to learn that the light fixture in the boys' bedroom was broken today.  Shattered into hundreds of pieces.

The surprise is who broke it.

It was me.

After a quick clean-up of the mess in their room (thank you LORD we picked up the stuff out of the floor before it was showered with glass), I tucked Tyler into bed for his nap.

Dale, who never-ever-never sleeps in the day decided he wanted to nap too.  Ok, whatever.... I humored him and let him stay up in his top bunk.  At least the house would be quiet for a while.

I was headed out to look for Tyler's lamb - a must have - and heard Dale say something about a teddy bear.  So I grabbed one.  With my right arm balancing Daniel on that hip, I used my left to send the teddy bear up to the top bunk with an under-handed toss.  From the doorway.  Completely across the room.

I flinched as soon as it left my hand, certain it would hit the fixture.  

And it did.  And the fixture cracked.

I watched as 3/4 of the square of glass broke loose and then fell, in slow motion, to the carpet below.

Where it shattered and scattered.

We all stared in stunned silence.  

And then I laughed.  And prayed I'll have the grace to laugh when my rambunctious boys do something equally stupid and accidentally break something.

It's all just stuff anyway.

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Greg said...

That's coming out of your allowance. ;-)