Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Buffaloes Go to Tea

We got together with our homeschooling friends recently for an etiquette tea party.

 First up: a lesson on basic manners and table setting.  (Fork on the left and no elbows on the table, please!)

Then all the kiddos got to choose a tea to sample.  My favorite part was seeing them 'doctor' their tea.  I think every cup had sugar and honey and cream in it.  As far as I know, Tyler was the only one that actually liked his tea.  At least among my crew.  But that's not surprising; Tyler's been begging tea off his Daddy and me for over a year now!
Next up our lovely hostess had prepared an awesome relay-type game to practice a proper table setting.  The kids took turns choosing the proper item from a table of mixed items....
...and racing down to the other end of the porch to place it on another table:

Then it was inside for sandwiches...
...and back out for a game of charades:
For reasons I do not understand, the end of the charades game brought the crew to spontaneous screaming. Maybe it was all the sugar they put into their tea earlier. ;)

Everyone managed to settle down for some yummy desserts, a sweet end indeed to a fun day!


Kristin said...

What a wonderful time! Looks like tons of fun.

Arkansas Grandma said...

Good Times!