Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Guard dog? Maybe!

About once a year a professional tree service comes through the neighborhood trimming branches that hang out over the street or over powerlines.

One day last week the boys spied tree service men walking up and down the street, checking things out.  I figured they'd be coming soon and gave a mental eye roll: our dumb dog goes nuts when the neighbor across the backyard fence does anything outside.  I could just imagine all the barking we (and the tree trimmers) would endure when they came around.

Sure enough we got home yesterday from a long day out to Children's and immediately noticed a few branches along the inside of the back fence.  Ahh... the tree trimmers must have come.  Dumb dog must have been barking every breath and nobody was here to stop her.  On the plus side, at least I didn't have to hear the dumb dog barking and spend that hour telling her to hush.

Turns out we got a little proof she
was making her presence known.

After noticing the branches in the back, we found this note on our front door:

Ok. Lot going on here.
First of all, if you know our dog you know she is a fool with a capital F, but she isn't fierce.  At least.. we've never seen anything fierce from her.

Second, if strange men are coming in my backyard without one of us as an escort you better believe I want them to think my dog is going to bite them!

Third, tree services are just letting themselves into people's backyards when they aren't home?

Fourth, they didn't have at least a company notepad or something in the truck with them?   Really?  A torn piece of legal pad was the best they could do?

This little note is a huge boost for the dog's standing in my eyes.  She had fallen out of my favor recently.  Too much poop and foolishness.  But this note makes me smile every time I read it.  And - for now at least - dumb ol' Trisket is back in my good graces.


Kristin said...

Haha, that's awesome.
Molly would have said, "Thanks for opening the gate, bye!!!"

Betsy said...

Well good for Trisket, glad she is getting back in favor.

Bobby said...

I like you blanked out the name of the brave tree service folks