Monday, June 4, 2012

All's well....

Alan had his follow up appointments at Children's today.  We took the whole family along, but because of all the coughing and congestion and... well.. coughing, Alan and I took care of all the dr visiting, while Daddy hung out here and there nearby with everyone else.  We met up for a quick lunch at the "handy" hospital cafe that ended up costing us a pretty penny!

Frankly, the whole day was tiresome and stressful, largely due to the fever spike in the middle of the day.  

Mid 99s was in the plan. 101 was not.

Things turned out well though, if judging by nothing else but the fact that we are all 6 home together tonight.

We love Children's, but we love going home at the end of the day best!

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Arkansas Grandma said...

Prayers answered, hope that fever will go away soon. Thanks for the update, glad you are all home.