Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Family Tradition Continues...

Dale has finally hit that stage of childhood.

The one where he goes around with his tongue halfway poking out, or one finger stuck in his mouth....

... wiggling a loose tooth.

He lost the two bottom ones on his own; after much wiggling they just sort of... fell out.

Then the first top tooth got loose.  And hung around for quite a while in a funny, sticking-out-forward position. I started calling him "Bucky".  

Finally, enough was enough, and the tooth had to go.

I certainly was too squeamish to pull the thing, so I called on the same man that had pulled a few of my and my sister's teeth: PawPaw.

I asked him if he was still in the business, and sure enough, he was immediately able to put his hands on that same ol' little pair of pliers.

The pliers, I remember.

The headlock, I think may be new.

Nevertheless, the extraction was successful.

No more Bucky.

Just a cute snaggletoothed Dale!


Kristin said...

PawPaw pulled all my teeth! Except that last one.... *shudder*

Jennifer said...

Congratulations, Dale! What a cutie:)

Cindy said...

I bet that headlock is NOT new. That type surgery requires a steady hand. You were prob so focused on that tooth extraction that you just forgot. ;)

Arkansas Grandma said...

Hey..Dale is "lookin' good" Tell him Grandma is glad to get to see him "growing up". Thanks for sharing!

Kristin said...

My son lets his teeth stay in there until they literally fall out. No one is allowed to wiggle them or touch them! Drives me crazy!