Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tyler's first kiss

The family had a little get-together.  In attendance was one high-energy, fun-loving little dog.
Most of the time, Holly and Tyler were kept apart, but it only took a moment...
...and she greeted him right on the kisser.  Holly's owners were appalled and everyone started reaching and grabbing, but what did I do?  Well... the proof is in the picture!

In other news, Tyler is 7 months going on 37....months.
He's up to two (big) bowls of 'real' food a day, and insists it have texture.  That liquidy pureed stuff is not for him.   And really, bananas please, if you got 'em.

He crawls anywhere he pleases, and has done so for a couple of weeks.

He thinks he's as big as his brothers, and I've said a time or two lately he often prefers their company to mine.  That's okay with me.  Sniff.  Really.

Yesterday I put him down in the grass for the first time, to see what he would do.

What did he do?  Nothing different than he would inside: took off crawling for whatever he could find.  As usual, attempting to put most of it in his mouth.

After all that crawling through the grass I figured he'd be itchy, so we had another first... 
He usually bathes in the sink, and has had one bath in the big tub by himself.  He said he didn't know that the big boys bathed together, and thankfully doesn't have the capacity to be angry with me for holding out on him until now.  Instead, it truly made. his. day. to have a bath with his brothers.  

Since it was such fun, we let him play a good long time and really enjoy it.  And he came out with the wrinkles to prove it!


Kristin said...

I love love love the toe picture!!! And he has such a sweet look on his face. :)

Lisa said...

mmmmmm......warm wrinkled toes! I want to kiss them!!

Betsy said...

Sweet pics of boys and poodle too.

Cindy said...

You know what I like most about this post? (And there is a lot to like about it!) But just above my post here are 3 generations commenting on the 4th generation. That is a beautiful thing!