Monday, July 19, 2010

I believe "voracious" is the word for that.

As if we don't go to the library often enough anyway, we've been making two or three trips every week for the last month as part of the summer reading program.

No problem, though: not only do we get to see Mimi, the boys adore the other ladies working there, too.

And then all that picture stamping and prize-getting was fun too.

Alan and I read 30 books together, including: Where the Wild Things Are, a few of the Little House picture books (he loves those!), Monkey and the Engineer, Before You Were Mine, and approximately 20-some-odd more.

Dale went on the track for older elementary kids and read by the page instead of by the book.  And... uh... well... in the end he came out reading more pages than anyone!  (One thousand, seven hundred, and ninety-two.)


Back in the late spring / early summer, before the reading program even started, he blew through Beverly Cleary's Henry Huggins series.  Then it was the Ramona books, which he finished after the program started.  Now he is about halfway through the Little House books.  And no, I don't mean the picture books.  I'm talking the inch thick On the Banks of Plum Creek and all those.

And here is where I need your help... he's going to be 7 next month.  Just because his reading level may be advanced for his age, his maturity level is right on target. 
I'd like to stick with as rich reading as he can handle, and not fill him up on "twaddle" just because he's hungry.  But with the mismatch between his reading level and his age level, that is becoming quite a challenge.  He has already read quite a few of The Boxcar Children.  Our library has The Sugar Creek Gang, which I plan to start him on next.  

Do you have book suggestions for a soon-to-be seven year old who is about to read us out of house and library?  


Michelle said...

We have always had the same problem with the mismatch between reading level and maturity level! Lauren is 8 but reads on a high school level. She just started the Little House series yesterday (because I had somehow forgotten it until mom mentioned it) and absolutely loves it! She is loving Nancy Drew (the junior series), and also really likes Encyclopedia Brown.

Shanna said...

My son really enjoyed the Magic Treehouse books, though I admit I questioned whether they were 'twaddle' or not. I'm pretty sure he also started The Chronicles of Narnia series at age seven. Sometimes I'll take a look at the Sonlight curriculum and pick books off their reading lists (since we can't afford their curriculum). Also Lamplighter Books and Salem Ridge Press have great sites selling awesome books for that age range.

Betsy said...

Don't discount the rereading of books. Children love to read their favorite stories over and over. The same is true of watching favorite videos over and over. In my days of being a librarian I once saw a child beg his mom for a video and she said no, that you have already seen it. I felt sorry for that little boy.

Beth said...

My daughter (same age, same reading "issues") loves the American Girl books. Somehow I don't think that's your solution! ;)
I second the Chronicles of Narnia suggestion, though! Or some nonfiction like the DK Eyewitness books?