Wednesday, April 7, 2010

When all else fails...

Put up a picture of the baby!

I don't feel the silliness for a nonsense, funny post.

I don't feel the seriousness of a reflective post.

I don't have new pictures (except for Easter) to do a post about the boys or a 'day in the life'.

We've just been living our average little lives.  Trying to get stuff done.  Trying to enjoy the fleeting ages of each of the boys.

Tyler is long past swaddling.  He's three months old this week.  He's almost doubled his birth weight.  He is almost laughing - he gave me a little chuckle or two yesterday.  I traded out the bassinet for the playpen this week, so he can more time stretching out in the "floor" to play, without the risk of being stepped on.  Or wrestled with.  The big boys loved it.  It was like their own little monkey-in-a-cage, right here in the living room.  I have the hardest time keeping his fingernails trimmed short enough, and he often has a little scratch or two on his face.  He usually sleeps about 8-10 hours straight through at night.  He sort of likes a pacifier, but it still isn't a must-have.  Except at church.  And then it's pretty handy.  He's been compared to the Gerber baby more than once.  He still has a head full of hair.  But so did Dale and Alan.  Is he an easy baby?  Yes, yes he is.  Does he make us smile?  Why, yes, he certainly does.  Are we crazy about him?  Absolutely.  Every single one of us!


Anonymous said...

Too cute. It's never a bad time to post a cute, hairy-headed baby. :) I can nearly smell him from here. **sniffs**

ArkGrandma said...

Did you know that #5 is a very SPECIAL number? That is why my #5 Grandson is so very SPECIAL. (Of course #1 and #3 ;0) are pretty awesome too.) I can't wait to spend some time this summer with all of them. I miss them so much and I am looking forward in getting "to know" Tyler. Thanks for the G'ma update. CUTE!!!!

Jennifer said...

Precious...and really looking like his brothers:) (I was going to say like the other buffaloes..or one of the herd..but, well, it just didn't sound "right"!!) :)

Michelle said...

He looks like baby Alan to me!