Monday, April 12, 2010


1. Ordered Dale's Singapore Math 1B from ebay.

Failed to notice the workbook originally came in two parts, and this auction only included part two.  

Did not realize mistake until the day said math materials arrived in the mail.

2. Paid 99 cents to download a books of the Bible song from CBD.  

Failed to notice I was purchasing the sheet music instead of the audio download.

Did not realize mistake until I looked up my download in its folder and saw it was a PDF.  

Cannot play piano and drive at the same time.  

3. Had a collision with Alan while carrying 50 pounds of books at waist (his head)  level.

Failed to notice he was there until impact.

Realized my mistake immediately and spent the next 15 minutes holding ice on my poor baby's bloody lip.  

Mercy, I seem to be on a roll!  Keeps a girl humble, that's for sure! :)


Michelle said...

I am absolutely certain you can blame it on nursing mommy sleep deprivation! Tomorrow will be a better day. :-)

ArkGrandma said...

Ugh...hang in there!

Anonymous said...

It's surely Monday (for all of us:)

Jennifer said...

Why do these things happen in threes??? You almost had me order those Bible songs for the van....

Suzanne said...

I'm so sorry, but completely understand!!

Tomorrow's always a new day!!