Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mama doesn't always have the magic....

Both of my boys love to help with laundry.  I don't know if it is an early, manly attraction to conquer a machine bigger than them or just the fact that it plain looks fun.

am taking advantage of this interest and starting to train Dale to do a load from start to finish.  (More on this later).

I recently asked Dale to move a load from the washer to the dryer for me, which he did without complaint, and then asked if he could start another load.

This is one of those times it is worth the extra 'trouble' to say YES!  

I mean really... if my 5 year old wants to do laundry, who am I to stop him!!?

So I helped him start a load of whites, and I even poured in a little bleach for good measure.  I don't do this every time, and it looked like the socks could use an extra boost. 

After my nosing in to his laundry project I returned my attention to cooking supper. 

So when Dale asked if he should just pour the rest of what was in that hamper (one we use for 'lights') into the washer, I didn't think much before I said yes.

So.... I'm not sure if my biggest mistake was meddling with his load in the first place by putting in bleach, or if it was the not thinking before saying yes..... but it took just a few moments for me to realize there were some ummm... odds and ends
colored items in the bottom of that hamper.  

That are quickly soaking up bleachy water.  And they all belonged to me.

I gasped, I "oh no'd", and I began snatching clothes out of the washer.  (They all appear to have sustained no bleach damage, by the way.)

I also took care to help Dale realize this little mishap and resulting mini-outburst were NOT because of anything he did.

Way to go mom.... traumatize him from the laundry before he ever gets started good!  

Nah.... as long as he gets to tinker with that big machine another day, I think we'll be ok.

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Jennifer said...

I love a man that can do his own laundry!! A few bleach stains in the training just show he is trying!! What a good mom you are :)