Monday, November 2, 2015

Fall is my Favorite

Finally...finally the days are cooler. The hum of our 6 window units has finally fallen silent. Rain has fallen after weeks and weeks of drought, melting the dusty lawn back into itself again. With the arrival of true fall weather, the tension of a never-ending summer has finally dissolved.

Fall is birthday season in our house. It actually starts with one in August, then 2 in September, 2 in October, and 1 in November. The other 2 come along in January and February.

Fall is also reminiscing season. My sweetie and I met in the fall, fell in love in the fall (17 years ago), and were engaged in the fall (16 years ago). Too bad we couldn't wait to be married in the fall; we were married in August, 15 years ago (I wanted June). :) Every year we play our own game of noting the dates that mark the growth in our relationship week by week that first fall. Little mini-anniversaries throughout the whole season.

Fall is a season of anticipation. The hard work of the beginnings of a new school year are well underway, and with the arrival of November we eagerly look ahead for Thanksgiving, and then Christmas. November is such a transition month; even though we've traded our shorts for long pants, it still begins with bare feet and short sleeves. But by month's end we will have coats on their hooks and heaters cheerily warming our rooms.

Today I am thankful for fall. Thankful for relief from the relentless, noisy heat of summer. Thankful for the restfulness of cozy, busy days at home. Thankful for the newness of a new season. Thankful for the remembrances of falling in love with a wonderful man. Thankful for the opportunities and anticipation of new memories and more special days just ahead.


Karen said...

Today I am thankful to "hear" your blog voice again. Wishing you a lovely fall, Amy!

Amy said...

Thanks, friend! I miss it!