Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sticky Situation

By the time bedtime rolls around, I am done. Done.

We make it through pjs and prayers, and hugs and kisses, and 9 times out of 10 I'll tuck everyone in nice and snug.  But after that I consider myself off duty. Any child reappearing after the last 'goodnights' are said most likely isn't going to get much.

Even so, some child or another is often popping back in.  One night last week it was Alan.

"There is something gooey under my pillow."

Greg and I looked at him blankly. "Get a towel from the cabinet and put it under your pillow and we'll take care of it tomorrow," his daddy instructed him.

Alan went off obediently, only to show back up several minutes later.

He held out a small red plastic cup, one of the ones the kids use for orange juice at breakfast. "I just found another clue to the gooey mystery", he announced, stretching out the cup for me to see.

It had - at some point in recent history - been half-full of school glue. Now just the white wet gooey residue remained.

Oh dear.

This would be a good time to mention that Alan and Tyler share the full-sized bottom bunk.

The next morning involved a questioning of the primary suspect: the boy who naps (and sometimes just hangs out - ahem) in that bed in the afternoons; a stripping of the sheets - that were now stuck to the mattress pad in several dry crusty spots; and a search of the area for more evidence or damage. None was immediately found.

Later in the afternoon, Alan triumphantly produced the tell-tale orange screw-top lid of a glue bottle. I returned to the scene for a more thorough search and found a rather large glue puddle waaaaay back in the back corner, on Alan's side, thankfully mostly contained on an extra board stored under the bed.

We finally obtained a confession from the non-napping 4 year old napper. At the time of this writing, the (I assume) empty bottle is still missing.

Glue projects are on hold until further notice.

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Christy Peek said...

I knew all that was gonna be blamed on little Tyler! He's sweet, he wouldn't do that. :-)