Monday, October 25, 2010

What? Blog? Me?

- We went camping.  I didn't take one single picture.  I am okay with that.

- I cut my finger making cole slaw to take on afore-mentioned camping trip.  It was deep enough I had to call my Nana to come to the rescue to look at my finger and make sure I didn't need a stitch or anything.  It was nice to have another adult to take a look.

- I still ate the cole slaw.

- After spending most of the summer and all of the fall watching baseball games, our Rangers are going to the World Series.  For the first time ever.  This is very exciting.

- We got bunk beds for our big boys today.  This is also very exciting.

- Is anyone really reading any of this stuff?


Anonymous said...

I am.

And I miss ya!

And I'm super excited about the Rangers! Josh Hamilton is awesome!

Be back really blogging soon please!

Suzanne said...

I'm reading!!

And the only thing I'm not okay with is the baseball talk - I'm not a baseball fan.

Everything else, just fine with it.

Well, except missing your blogging.

Karen@Candid Diversions said...

Yuck on the cut.

So exciting about the Rangers. I'm cheering for them too, in honor of you. And also because I can't stand the Giants. But mostly for you. ;)

Tracey said...

I wondered what happend to you! Very exciting on the bunk beds!

Betsy said...

Yes, I read your blogs...and I live in the same town as you...almost in the same neighborhood. Also, I am your Nana. :)

Michelle said...

I check it every day, and read it when you write it! And I am soooo excited about the Rangers!

Kristin said...

I. Miss. You.
That is all.

Cindy said...

I read it! Your mom never writes anything to read anymore. :(

Amy said...

Aw... y'all make me smile. :)