Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

(Yes, I know today is Tuesday. I'm ok with that.)
Once upon a time we had a 3-week rotation system.  It worked for us for a while, and then we got away from it.  

When I looked it up recently I realized our tastes, needs, and shopping habits have all changed, so I came up with a new system.  This one has 4 weeks of 6 meals.  We are two weeks in and loving it so far.

Here is week three (which, even though it is Tuesday we haven't even started yet, because I am still finishing up meals planned for last week!):

Garlic Chicken and Spinach Pasta
 - Saute onion until soft.  Add minced or crushed garlic cloves.  Add crushed or chopped tomatoes, canned or fresh.  Simmer while pasta (your choice) cooks.  Add basil, etc.  Stir in 1/2 bag or so of fresh baby spinach.  Simmer until wilted.  Mix in cooked, drained pasta.  Optional: sprinkle on parmesan cheese.

Honey Mustard Drumsticks
 - Marinate drumsticks in honey and Dijon mustard, among other things.  Grill.  Or bake.  This recipe (and several others we are enjoying) came from Saving Dinner.  Full of 4 seasons of recipes and serving suggestions.  There are quite a few recipes from each section of this book that we love!   

Chicken Under a Brick
 - I originally posted about this one here, and called it "Pressed Chicken."  It's a Rachael Ray recipe, and one of our favorites!

Curried Lentils
 - Lentils, rice,onion, garlic, celery, cilantro, curry.  Optional: top with a dollop of plain yogurt.  Cheap.  Easy.  Yummy.

Beans and Rice
- Another cheapie.  Just like it sounds: beans, rice.  Seasoning.  Maybe some sausage of some sort.  Won't be served back-to-back with lentils and rice.

Breakfast for supper
- Goodness.  We are eating cheap this week.  I had no idea until I saw it all written out here.  Oh well... my guys love breakfast for supper.  Usually either pancakes or waffles, scrambled eggs.  Maybe fried potatoes or fresh fruit.  

 How do you keep meals on the table and still keep the kitchen cool during the scorching month of August?  Have any good crockpot recipes to share?


Anonymous said...

If you all like barbeque, I make it in the crockpot.If you are interested, let me know.


Marbel said...

I like your menu plan. I have curry on my menu too. Perfect easy summer meal.