Thursday, August 26, 2010

Can I exhale yet?

Approximately 26 hours ago (2pm Wednesday), I noticed our air conditioning had stopped blowing cool air.

We evacuated to my parent's house and called the repairman.

Approximately 22 hours ago, Dale threw up.

We evacuated back to our own house (where the air was blowing cool again) and left Alan with my parents.

Approximately 19 hours ago Dale perked up in a fabulous recovery and went to bed feeling just fine.

Alan still got to spend the night with Mimi & Gramps.

Approximately 12 hours ago (4am Thursday) our a/c stopped blowing cool air again.

Good thing we hadn't canceled that repairman just yet.

Approximately 7 hours ago Alan came home just in time to start school.

He never showed a sign of whatever it was that made Dale sick.

Approximately 6 hours ago the repairman came.

For no more than the cost of a service call he got us up and running again, cooler than ever.

Confused yet?  Me too!  I'm joyful over how everything has worked out (isn't God good?!) and cautiously peeping around the corner to see what's coming next!  

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Lisa said...

I hope you've exhaled by now!! ;)