Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Is "bloggable" really a word?

Well apparentlty I'm all out of things to say. I've lost the blogging touch.

I think about my blog.

I think about posting.

But nothing seems bloggable.

Ahhh... and I think that is one of the signs of a good blogger... to take the mundane and either present it with humor or with something thought provoking, or even better: both.

To be honest, I think I'm still recovering from the last couple of weeks.

Alan went to bed fine one night and woke up the next morning very sick. Getting the help he needed was a frustrating battle. It ended up with an ambulance ride. No lights & sirens, 'just' a transfer from one facility to another. But yet another experience I never really wanted to claim: riding in the front seat of an ambulance with my child strapped in the back.

He then spent 11 nights in the hospital, 7 of which I was there for. I wanted to be there for all 11, and would have, but caught that nasty virus.

Almost 2 weeks after it all began, we were finally all at home together again. It's been hard to settle back in to "normal life" this time.

So what's on my mind these days?

Marriage - Greg and I have been reading through a book that has a different perspective on making a marriage work. Even before the book I thought about marriages a lot. Ours included. They are work, but they are worth it.

Parenting - Been doing a lot of reading in this arena as well. You know what a full-time job it is shaping a little life. Not to mention all the laundry. ;)

School - I've been working on Dale's kindergarten stuff. Things are coming together nicely!

Moving - Unless something drastic (and I can't even imagine what it would be) happens, we will be moving this summer. Anyone want to buy a house?

Transplant - Oh so much to think about in this realm. Thank you notes to write, medicines to give, appointments to keep, bills to pay...

But we aren't all work and no play. Yesterday we sat up the sprinkler and let the boys have a go at getting wet for the first time of the season. A much bigger hit with Dale than with Alan, but they both had a good time. A tuna sandwich picnic before coming in for the evening and ... ta-da! A nice little early-summer family... thing.

Now that I think about it, that's perfectly bloggable, isn't it? Especially with pictures. Of course, since I didn't have my camera in my possesion until after the outdoorsy family thing, that won't be happening.

But the camera is back and I think I've managed to ramble myself back into a blogging mindframe, so watch out... more from the herd should be coming here soon!


Michelle said...

Anything you have to say is bloggable...we just want to know about your life! And we did the early summer family "thing" on Saturday, and it was great!

Kimberly said...

Welcome Back! I am like you! I can never seem to think something is bloggable. In fact, it isn't until I have read someone else that I realize...I could have blogged on that last week. :)

Karen said...

Glad you're back, Amy! Sorry to hear about all the yuckiness, though. It's got to be about over now, right?

chickadee said...

seems like to me you had quite a bit to talk about.

thank you for your words and prayers today.

i love your signature. did someone do that for you or is it a font you have?

Kara said...

So glad you're back!! I'd been checking in with Caring Bridge and praying. Glad all is well:)

Anonymous said...

Even though it's not in the dictionary (yet)- bloggable it definitely a word! What books have you been reading on the mentioned subjects?

Cal said...

There have been television shows that have been written about the little nothings that happen every day. As as matter of fact, my weekly newspaper column is abou t things like pink underwear (accidental laundry gaffe) and fluffernutters.

Congrats! You have made something out of nothing. You are a true magician.

I guess that is one definition of a mom too! You make wonderful things happen.