Monday, December 1, 2014

Christmas Countdown Time! December 1

We've done various Christmas activity countdowns over the years, and this year we are back to an old favorite: the surprise stocking. 

Every evening I place an item (or two or three) related to the next day's activity into our countdown stocking. The kids take turns emptying it so everyone can see - or try to guess - what Christmas activity we are doing that day.

Day 1 was filled with paper strips for paper chains. 

The two older boys each made their own 24 link chain to countdown to Christmas.

Tyler and Brooklyn and I worked together to make a chain as long as we could to decorate the kids' tree. 

We also made the Names of Jesus chain. The kids requested we hang it in the shape of a 'J' (for Jesus) and we decided not to tear these off each day, but leave the J. 
Every morning at breakfast we read the scripture passage and a short devotional about that day's name. We haven't done the corresponding activities from that site, but there are years ahead of us. I can definitely picture us doing the names again and including the activities.

Let the countdown(s) begin!