Friday, June 28, 2013

Early mornings, busy days

Several days this week have involved early morning trips to the garden.  Early to avoid the quickly rising temperatures.  To the garden for picking and weeding.
In addition to baskets full of fresh veggies, there are always a few other interesting finds.

Like a watermelon plant coming up volunteer (from last year) in the tomato row:

I was fascinated by the perfect spacing of these insect eggs (before i scraped them all in the dirt):
One of our favorite finds...a bird's nest in a tomato plant, with three little speckled eggs!
We've seen a mocking bird coming and going, and yes, mocking birds eat tomatoes.  But this one gets to stay.  Maybe she won't eat too much.

One morning after leaving the garden we stopped by to see Gramps' ongoing project with a neighbor: digging a well. 
 The boys seemed to like seeing it all in action, especially knowing that after the neighbor's well is done, there will be one dug at Gramps' place.
I still marvel at being a mama to boys!

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Lisa said...

My favorites are the insect eggs and the bird eggs.