Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Here and there

Back in January I set a 2012 blogging goal.  An X number of posts in 2012 goal.  I'm not going to tell yet what that goal was.  Just in case I get hopelessly behind. :)

Which I just might be in danger of if I don't get on with some blogging!

Our calf has begun to settle in.  Not that he was restless before.  He's up and about more, and his skinny parts are filling out.  Slowly.  We're still looking forward to him getting a little more frisky and playful.  We have had fun leading him around as he eagerly sucks his twice a day bottle.
The boys are progressing with taekwondo.  They passed their first test recently and are now ready for the 2nd belt color. (Orange, for the curious.)
Testing was a fun experience for all of us.  I was nervous for them, but didn't dare let on.  Especially since they didn't seem to be one bit nervous!
Dale demonstrating for the judges his self-defense moves.
Showing the judges his white belt form.
In other news, I attempted to cut Brooklyn's bangs by myself recently.  Attempted is the wrong word, because oh, I cut them all right.  I just happened to get them crooked and then way too short.  Lesson learned: get help before cutting a baby's bangs.  They are beginning to grow out nicely though.  And even with gimpy bangs she's still as cute as ever. :)

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