Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Oh say... How do you say?

For over a month now, my two big boys have been oddly obsessed with The Star Spangled Banner.  They sing it, they hum it, they pretend to play it on pretend instruments.

Dale has even asked to study it in school this year (that along with the Declaration of Independence).  A random request, but one I have obliged with a couple of downloads from currclick's recent sale.

Not knowing exactly what to call such a wordy song, Alan went through a spell of calling it "the nascar and baseball song".  Referring, obviously, to the two places he has heard that song the most.

One day he asked Dale to sing "the nascar and baseball song."

Dale put his forehead to Alan's and spelled it out for him. "It's called: The National. Lanthem."

I gently corrected with, "Actually, Dale, it starts with an 'A'."

Dale replaced his forehead against Alan's and tried again, "It's called the National Ah-lanthem."

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Cindy said...

umm,yeah, maybe studying those patriotic lyrics is a good idea. you may have a couple of budding historians there.